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  • Danny Sullivan Presents Webmaster & SEO Complaints At Google Ranking Fair – Search Engine Roundtable

    15th May 2019


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    Danny Sullivan who is now at Google told us about these ranking fairs, where Googlers can show off ideas and features around Google search. Danny did his own this week and shared in his station many of the ongoing SEO and webmaster complaints and concerns around Google search.

    He did it in a creative way by making a classic grade school science fair poster board with the complaints on them, here is his tweet:

    He titled it “Webmaster & ecosystem concerns.” In there he talked about these specific concerns:

    • Voice and Assistant – not being able to tell how their content is shown for such queries.
    • Webmasters want more control over sitelinks, titles, snippets, mixing images and text in featured snippets, rich snippets, knowledge panels, opt out of featured snippets and more.
    • Google taking content from publishers but not giving back traffic
    • Google showing features or ads above the real results.
    • Google scraping content
    • Concern over zero clicks

    Here is a larger image of this so you can read the fine print.

    Many in the SEO community are happy Danny did this:

    Update: Danny said 50+ engineers stopped by to talk to him about it:

    Forum discussion at Twitter.


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