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Helium Maps, TOOLS &
Elevation Measuring

Where are all the Helium Miners?

You can use this website to see every Miner in the World.
All the Hotspots are shown on the Helium Coverage Map Website. You can see how much everyone has earned by click onto the hotspot and clicking the “View Hotspot Details” button. Each unit of HNT is different every minute, so buy low and sell high. maybe you want to keep them till you need the money!
helium coverage
The amount of Hotspots is rapidly growing over the whole world, just look at the change in just 3 Months in London.

London Helium Hotspots - May 5th 2021

helium london

London Helium Hotspots - Aug 20th 2021

Will my Antenna be good enough?

Test your websites antenna at
This tool can even simulate the earnings potential you may have at different places you have Helium Miners. If you are placing Miners at a hosts house, this tool is invaluable.
There are a few ways to measure the height and elevation of a location, and to see if you are in the line of sight from another Hotspot. You may be in a dip, or there may be tall buildings that will mask the antenna signal that is generated by the antenna. Unfortunately this website although good is not geared towards Helium and takes a lot more configuration to get correct. There is more emphasis on the line of site and if you can actually see another hotspot from your location.
You need to pay for the frequency that helium uses (868mhz-915Mhz
cloud rf
Check out a great way to see the heights of the local area.
topograhy helium
Below is a very good YouTube tutorial that helps you work out if your antenna will have the line of sight to another antenna, including calculating the elevation and the dbi gain between.

How far apart should each hotspot miner be from one another?

No longer available as they are now all light hotspots
Great tool to diagnose what if your Hotspot is syncing, see if it’s online and find if the port has been unblocked.
helium status
helium status2

Helium Network Status

Take a quick look at the Helium Network Status
Below is only an image mock up, and not the live status.
blockchain helium

Helium Line-of-Sight Mapping
Very simple tool, two clicks and all the information is there. Trace along the map where the obstructions are, this will definetly help you to understand the local terrain and where the dips are.
lineofsight helium miner

RF Line-of-Sight Mapping

A bit more difficult to use, but still a good tool to see if there are any high rise buildings or hills etc that will stop you seeing another antenna.
Other Links
Helium Whitepaper
If you want to read the Whitepaper that explains how the Helium network actually works in great detail then maybe this link will enlighten you.


Helium Mining How Does it work?

A YouTube video EVERYONE should watch below shows all you need to know, before asking questions on Discord and other chat platforms.

Things like "Should I buy a Miner?" and "Do I need the Internet?, are hopefully answered for you.

Upload Your Own Helium Antenna Installation

Your email will be hidden, only picture and location will show (i.e New York, USA). It will be reviewed and added to the Gallery. Thanks to those that contribute.