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What Router can I use with Onestream Broadband?

28th June 2023


What Router can I use with Onestream Broadband?

To understand this question firstly there are two types of Router available to buy if you do not have fibre fitted to your house. This would be called cable broadband.

A Standard Router

A router that connects devices is responsible for directing network traffic between devices within a local network (like computers, smartphones, or tablets). It acts as a traffic controller, ensuring that data packets are sent and received correctly between devices. This type of router connects to an existing modem or gateway device provided by an internet service provider (ISP) to establish an internet connection. So DON’T go buying a Linksys MR7350.

A Modem Router (ADSL/VDSL)

On the other hand, a modem router ADSL/VDSL combines the functions of both a modem and a router into a single device. A modem is a device that connects to the ISP’s network infrastructure (such as cable or DSL lines) to convert the incoming signal into a form that can be understood by devices in your home network. The router function within a modem router then takes over, managing the network traffic between devices and allowing them to access the internet.

In simpler terms, a router that connects devices helps devices within your home network communicate with each other, but it requires a separate modem to connect to the internet connection. A modem router, on the other hand, integrates both the modem and router functions into one device, providing both internet connectivity and local network management in a single unit.

It’s worth noting that modem routers are commonly provided by ISPs like Virgin and Talk Talk etc to their customers as part of their internet service packages, making it convenient for users to have both the modem and router functions in one device without the need for separate equipment.

So we need to look out for a DSL port on the back of the router, this will show us that it does indeed connect with the phone line.


So one that maybe you could use would be the TP-Link AC2100 (below)

tplink ac2100

Or another that Onestream Broadband provide for a monthly fee is the TP-Link TD-W9970 N300 (sold in Argos)

tp link td w9970 n300

You will struggle to find a modem router that has wifi 6. Best to hope you get fibre in your area!

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