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Best Stablecoin Investing Websites


If you have just started to looking into crypto currencies, maybe the earning of HNT has sparked your enthusiasm. The websites shown are what I use everyday to deal with my own crypto. They come highly recommended.


A stablecoin stays at a steady level inline with USD so as this does not fluctuate in price (or extremely small), you are not really investing, it’s just sitting on the sideline waiting to be invested.

USDT, USDC and TGBP are just a few of the stablecoins available.

1. Binance

Get signed up to a crypto currency exchange. This should be your first.
This is where you can trade (buy and sell), and also convert (swap) your coins.
Head over to Binance the top exchange in the World (Based on how much is traded).
It’s seen by many as the ‘main’ exchange. Binance is your crypto hub and is a great tool to have in the crypto arsenal.
Once you have this you can send money to and from different wallets.
You can then send HNT from your Helium app to your Binance account.

2. BlockFi

I found BlockFi has good USDT rates at 7.5%. Not the best rate but simple to setup. Nice app lots of choice in coins with good rates across all the coins.

2. Kucoin

Kucoins is good for Crypto Lending, Free Ai Bot

2. (App only) is good for the Earn part of the App.

You can get 10% if you lock for 3 Months on USDT, USDC and TGBP.
Nice App and simple clear ways to invest.

5. Youhodler

Youhodler is good for
12.3% USDT Stablecoin. Quick and easy.

6. Coinloan

Cionloan is good for 10.3% USDT staking. Very easy to use.

7. Coinbase

Coinbase. Nice app but customer support lacks.

You’ll get £7 in free Bitcoin when you trade £72 or more in crypto. Use the link or button to get the bonus.

8. Swissborg

The best and most effiencient way to deposit GBP (money) into Crypto and also withdraw your money is by using Swissborg.
The fees are very low.


Earn anywhere from £2.60 to £260.00 in CHSB for every friend who deposits £5.00 or more.

Here’s how it works:
  1. Share your invite link once the promotional period starts on July 6th
  2. Your friend downloads the app and makes a deposit of €150 or more (or the equivalent in their currency)
  3. Both of you will receive a Rewards Ticket.
  4. Scratch your ticket to reveal your CHSB prize, which will be triple what you would have received outside the promotional period
  5. Keep sharing to earn more rewards!
Signing up to these are simple and useful in spreading your assets around. I have found these exchanges to be the best to invest in Stablecoins with simplicity and ease.

All of the links above are my referral links. if you use them it helps this website. Thank you.

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