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How to Install a Helium Hotspot

How to install a Bobcat Helium Miner Indoors


I bought four Helium Bobcats back on the 3rd of March. I waited patiently for a tracking code. I waited many months! I was ready for adding them to roofs, lofts and top floor flat window sills in my local area. Then on the 3rd of May (8 weeks later) I got a text from DHL saying I was to receive a package on the Thursday 6th of May. It was just the same as Christmases I remember as a kid! (Yes I know – geeky).

On the 5th of May received a text saying it would be one day early. That was today!
I was still at work. Torment. Have you ever wanted to be elsewhere, doing things?

I then checked link in the SMS to the website, where it said that I had to pay Duty/Tax of £80.61 At this point I would have paid a lot more! I paid it quickly!
tax paid bobcat

Receiving the BOBCATS

Two hours later it arrived. Bobcat had won the race. Last company to order from, and first to receive. On the exact date 8 weeks as they said!

My webcam showed they had been delivered to my rear patio. It was lovely weather….for a while.

Then it rained, hard for a long time. I drove home worried. I I got home and walked to the parcels on the floor. They were wet but the bobcats had a PVC cover so were protected from the rain, but my Amazon parcel was just cardboard mush.

At this stage after opening I noticed they have a EU 2 pin plug. You need a plug adapter, usually known as a shaver plug. Make sure you stock up. thats if you live in the UK and have ordered Bobcat. The bobcat does not use much energy but switching to Octopus energy certainly saved me £50. I have a promo code to also save you £50. Octopus energy discount code

shaver plugs

Installing the Bobcat

Screwing the plate to the wall was easy, till you realise it was upside down. I thought it meant this way up. But it actually must have meant “This way down?” Install with arrow down as in the image, the feet stick in the holes and get stuck on the way down. Once slid into place your done. Just add power when told by the app.
After connecting up my antenna very carefully, I started the App and followed instructions. Powered on the Bobcat and went through the app and connected via bluetooth after pushing the pin in for 5 seconds to make the front light go blue. This means Bluetooth is enabled.

Find your internal
IP Address

When you you add your device you need to know the IP address of the device, and to know that, you need to know the name that it shows up as on your router.

G280 for Helium Hotspot Miner, Black Box, Estimated Price: $399.99
G200 for Helium Light Gateway, White Box, Estimated Price: $119.99

On the list of internet devices one is a g280, a linkedin Bobcat

So now I know what the device would show as, so I could add the IP address in the next step. Run a Port scan below.

The first is Virgin Router Devices
g280 router bobcat
and then we have the TG589vac Router (SSE Broadband)
g280 bobcat
The next step is Port Forwarding, this stops the relayed error from showing on the browser when looking up your Hotspot. See this whole section here on Helium Hotspot Port Forwarding

Syncing the Miner with the blockchain

Once I had joined, I saw the name I was given. I was Helium Hotspot number 32291 (I think!). This has now taken 3 days and can take 5 days at most.

The first one went online and fully synced (3 days 6 hours later). but this is unusual. If you have a Nebra first batch its likely your hotspot will not stay online for longer than two days. It is best in this scenario to connect it via Ethernet if possible. The others are close behind.

Experience Points
The inconsistency between the Helium coverage map website and the Helium App can be very different.
When it says its syncing on one the other may be fine, and vice versa. Wait 30 mins before doing anything.
To get the latest info make sure you fully refresh the browser and close the app

Yes it does go off and on quite a few times.

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