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Things to Consider when installing a Helium Miner

Fitting a Helium miner can be difficult, and may have many problems if you are fitting them at a friends house.

The biggest problem is there wifi connection, and how it’s going to be positioned on their window sill.

They are not just plug and play!

Things to consider when fitting the Helium boxes:-

  • Will the host let you fiddle with the router?
  • Will the host let you in to fix things? (This may mean returning 5 times!).
  • The Internet connection, wireless or Ethernet?
  • Is there a plug socket nearby?
  • The Antenna type?
  • The Position of antenna near walls and view
  • The type of Windows they have
  • Being Relayed and configuring Routers
  • Routers
    • Passwords
    • Connecting to router
    • Signal strength
    • Reading small passwords on scratched routers
    • Port Forwarding (44158) at least.
    • It also says to port 433 and port 20 outbound.
Considerations for fitting an external antenna:-
  • Which antenna to buy (5.8dbi or 6.5dbi or use stock antenna?)
  • How to attach?
  • Can I get the Cable from inside to outside?
  • Is there a plug socket near?
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