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  • How to Fix Blurry Gallery Thumbnails in Woocommerce

    29th September 2020


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    Blurry Thumbnails in Woocommerce,,I had some really blurry gallery thumbnails in Woocommerce, using the Hello theme with Elementor.

    The images uploaded were of very high quality and so I read a few blog posts and found out about “Regenerate Thumbnails” plugin.

    So I thought I would give it a go. I installed then regenerated the thumbnails, and it was still the same! Useless.

    But eventually I found this little bit of code and found that setting the variable for the thumbnail to 200px seemed to do what I needed it to.

    I found that the woocommerce product gallery thumbnail size is set to 100px x 100px.

    Blurry Thumbnails in Woocommerce,,

    In future I will be using this code that goes into the functions.php file.

    Now looks a lot better.

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