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  • How to Enable and Use Coupons in WooCommerce

    13th February 2019


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    1. To enable Coupons find the “Enable the use of coupon codes” (It can be in different places depending on the versions of WooCommerce you have)


    2. Refresh your page and you will see that Coupons have been added to the menu


    3. You will then see a welcome page to coupons


    4. For a 5% discount choose the “Percentage discount” dropdown. if you want an actual amount then select fixed price, but be careful as this can be more difficult to setup as if someone buys something at £12.00 and your discount is for £10.00 then that’s not good business!


    5. Usage Restrictions: – you can change these to your liking and setting the minimum spend can be a wise thing to do here, if you are using a fixed amount (£1.00 off – Minimum spend £10.00)


    6. Usage Limits: You can add that for each Customer – User (email address) they can only use 1 coupon


    7.  And of course at the top of the page it will still have two blank fields. We need the name of the coupon code (in  this case CHARGER5) and a brief note on what it does.


    Save this and test it by adding this code to the “Apply Coupon” area


    And this is what happens……


    5% of £390.00 is £19.50 therefore it has reduced my basket by the correct amount.


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