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How to freshen up your WordPress core files after VCD Malware

17th January 2019

Admin WP

wordpress category

After somehow getting a Malware infection (VCD) I needed to overwrite all bad files as my WordPress was not working as expected.

To do this :

  1. Check for weird content in your functions.php
  2. Delete any unused themes….
  3. Keep the following files:
    • wp-content Folder
    • htaccess file (not shown)
    • wp-config.php
  4. But delete the files shown in image, except any custom files you have made in your WordPress root.
  5. Upload a new fresh version of WordPress and then login.
  6. You will be then asked to update the database as it knows they are new files.
  7. Download a program called Agent Ransack
  8. Using Agent Ransack – Search for ‘karors’ in all your WordPress files and delete code where necessary
  9. Seach for @file_get_contents and just look for unexpected code.


Remember you can change the debug setting to ‘true’ in the wp.config.php to see what’s happening.

Then it should all work again. (Hopefully)

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