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What does getting rid of 800 spam comments do for your SEO?

2nd February 2019


SEO category

Experiment “Do Bad Comments hurt SEO?”

This site was transferred from local and by accident left it running for a couple of months and realised that the spam filter was wide open and all the comments on the site were filled with casino link spam and buy everything for $9 shipped!!!

the site had been getting reasonable traffic and have the analytics dashboard to hand since the site started, so I have a base line to see how deleting the 800 or so bad linked comments does for the SEO of my site. Now to get a correct reading I will first have to compare the same time from before to the same time now , for example 1 week and every week after…. Also after starting will supply google webmasters tool with a new sitemap.

These are the type of spam comments that were posted.


Although it was a bit of a drop it evens out… but it’s still early….



Not looking that good at the moment, maybe there was some link value in them? it may have been some link club?
There is not much in it, there’s no trend yet, it can dip like that often, not everyone is interested at the same rate all the time.

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