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  • Windows 2008 Scheduled tasks error/result codes

    7th August 2014

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    Windows Scheduled tasks result codes

    0 or 0x0: The operation completed successfully.
    1 or 0x1: Incorrect function called or unknown function called.
    2 or 0x2: File not found.
    10 or 0xa: The environment is incorrect.
    0x41300: Task is ready to run at its next scheduled time.
    0x41301: Task is currently running.
    0x41302: Task is disabled.
    0x41303: Task has not yet run.
    0x41304: There are no more runs scheduled for this task.
    0x41306: Task is terminated.
    0x8004130F: Credentials became corrupted (*)
    0x8004131F: An instance of this task is already running.
    0x800704DD: The service is not available (is ‘Run only when an user is logged on’ checked?)
    0xC000013A: The application terminated as a result of a CTRL+C.
    0xC06D007E: Unknown software exception.
    0xff = 255 = More than 154 files failed to copy or ^C batch exit or possibly scheduled task failed to run.
    0x68 = 4 files failed to copy
    0x67 = 3 files failed to copy etc, etc,.

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