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    4th January 2014

    Random Coding

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    Can you add more code to this space game!

    At the moment the bare bones structure of a game is there using Jquery – But only just working….

    1. What can you add to make it more interesting?
    2. Add one new element and then upload and explain why. (like a scoring system or collision detection, maybe a shooting element….or graphics behind it all.
    3. Post it here and see how it develops into a game…….
    4. Examine what has been coded and the thought behind the next move

    This is where your thoughts are important. Did you think it lacks in some area, try to improve it and return it!

    Rules: – All on one page, and can upload to this site via a post, without adding any other files.

    (after 500 lines I will move the css to an external file. As this can be quite a large file, and harder to navigate in code.)


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