Split/explode Javascript by delimiter

Sessions in Javascript

//Save data to sessionStorage

// Get saved data from sessionStorage

// Remove saved data from sessionStorage

Add current date to dropdowns

JavaScript String includes()

Find text inside variable… Needle in Haystack

Get url variable by Javascript

Plug and go , just add ?date=2017-01-02 to the url

Delete specific GET variable from URL

This Javascript will delete from the url all occurances of the varaible dog, then reloads the page automatically.

Pikaday today and in the past

JSON decode and access array

$neworder = {“step_1”:[“image_10″,”image_12″],”step_2”:[“image_11″,”image_21″,”image_22″,”image_23”]} Which when print_r is use to display looks like this:

To access this use :


JavaScript plus sign in front of variable

It looks so wrong! But the extra plus sign converts the variable to a number if its a string.