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How to make Sublime Text snippets work Everywhere – ‘No Scope’

11th March 2020

Sublime Text

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When coding in Sublime Text, I would often use snippets that would have a whole form or complete section already formatted and would be able to insert this into my code with ease..

But what really annoyed me when starting a new page in sublime text it had no scope (meaning a specific language like PHP) till I had saved it, with an extension. This would mean that snippets did not show up.
So when I wanted a Jquery document ready call, it would not work till I wrote the <script> tag or > Settings
2. Then add the code below and you will then instantly have global snippets, even in brand new pages. (P.s. I did not need to reload the page)
3. Add “auto_complete_selector”: “text.plain”,

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