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  • Elementor Mobile Menu not closing using anchors on a one pager SOLVED

    17th October 2019

    Jquery Misc

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    If you have problems with Elementor Mobile Menu not closing using anchors when using a sticky header then this will solve your problem.

    Using Astra Template as the main theme I was using a child theme of that.
    Elementor Mobile Menu not closing,,
    I created a one pager and added #about, #portfolio, #contactme in the menus as links to the anchor. This worked with no problems using a header with a logo that was on the left. But as soon as I used a logo that was centred and the links all underneath on a separate line the ability to use the mobile hamburger menu stopped working. When I mean stop working, I mean that the page would scroll in the background to the correct anchor link but the menu would not close.

    I first tried to add the plugin “Insert Headers and Footers”, and added simple alerts. This would not fire any alerts, so it must have been taken over somewhere?

    I deleted that plugin and tried “Astra Hooks” that you use within the Astra theme customizer. Again no joy as it was not firing!!!

    So eventually I tried the most basic way of editing the footer and adding a HTML block and the following code: –

    And guess what, it worked!!!

    Heres a screenshot of the code in the elementor editor…Elementor Mobile Menu not closing,,
    Why this was happening is a mystery as I have completed many header of one pagers but this was my first centred logo with a one pager.

    Anyway Know you know!

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