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Use Wunderlist Theme in Microsoft To-do List

12th April 2020


wunderlist theme

Are you worried about Wunderlist disappearing? The nearest to a copy was using a css hack. I got near to what Wunderlist looks like. I felt back at home and comfortable with the old look again. This little hack will let you use Wunderlist Theme in Microsoft To-do List

  1. It even has square checkboxes
  2. Automatically Capitalises first letter if you forget to add a capital.
  3. Bigger and red close details pane button
  4. Smaller close words and just show icons button (as you do not need this anyway!)

Make Microsoft Todo look like this…

(This is Microsoft Todo with the code added, using the plugin called Stylus working)

Wunderlist Theme,,

Using Firefox 75
Untested in Chrome

2 Steps to add Wunderlist theme

1. Add this extension – STYLUS
Wunderlist Theme,,

2. Add this code for the url using the extension of
Your done – You now have a better looking gui, in my opinion!

NOTE: Microsoft, please use this to create a Wunderlist theme.

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