How to auto start VPN on Android in Background on Boot

This idea can be used for a tablet that needs to be protected by VPN but when a user forgets to start the VPN app that enables it, problems can occur.
There are many difficult to setup task based apps that don’t really do it for me, but I stumbled upon just the answer for my needs, and its free!


1. Click the VPN app you want to run on boot first
2. Click your launcher.
In that order.

If you choose the app that you want to run (The VPN of your choice, mine is Windscribe) the app starts on boot and connects, but the screen stays up which is annoying. So then I run the launcher(home screen) in mycase Launcher3, and this becomes the app in the foreground and the VPN becomes hidden. Just what I needed.

Inspired by a lazy daughter that cant be bothered to turn the VPN on the tablet when using it.

Great app by the way!

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