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  • (Daves Live Search Plugin) Add Category to results

    26th January 2014

    Wordpress - Miscellaneous

    wordpress category

    To show the category

    1. Enable Author in the admin panel of the plugin by ticking the box. (Display Metadata, Display author & date for every search result)

    2. Stop Date from showing With a bit of CSS tweaking, you should be there. Add this to your css.

    3. Replace below code in plugins\daves-wordpress-live-search\class-daves-wordpress-live-search-results.php
    Compare what you have in class-daves-wordpress-live-search-results.php with code below. Paste this after if ( $displayPostMeta ) {
    All the way up to $post->post_author_nicename = $dog; Maybe replace the $dog or what ever you have!

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