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  • Upgrade Phpmyadmin using Wamp

    29th September 2013


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    1. phpMyAdmin is stored in C:\wamp\apps

    2. Download the latest version of phpMyAdmin from [] and extract contents of the archive to C:\wamp\apps

    3. Now go to C:\wamp\alias. Open phpmyadmin.conf and find the following lines that look like this

    Alias /phpmyadmin “c:/wamp/apps/phpMyAdmin-”

    <directory “c:=”” wamp=”” apps=”” phpmyadmin-”” “=””>

    4. Change where it says phpMyAdmin- to the name of the new folder extracted from the archive, eg phpMyAdmin-3.5.2.

    5. Now copy the file from your previous version of phpMyAdmin to your new version.

    6. Left click wamp and select restart All services.

    7. Now right click wamp and choose Refresh.

    8. Left click wamp tray icon again and choose phpMyAdmin. WAMP will now use the new version of phpMyadmin.

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