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earn Passive income with the hi Dollars App

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'hi Dollars' - Start earning passive income

£25 P/M for clicking a button

This simple app is a great starter for those who want to start into the cryptocurrency world without actually having to use any money. You can earn money by just simply opening the app each day and answering a question! This is usually done in under a minute.
There is nothing difficult about the app, and when you are signed up you can then get your friends to sign up and earn a refferal bonus to earn even more money.
Take a look at the ‘hi Dollars‘ website:
The app is actually a full wallet that can be used to buy and sell other cryptocurrencies.
You can buy hi Doallars the coin on Uniswap and Pancake swap and within the app of course. Be an early investor and watch the coin grow. Just click where the arrow is pointing everyday, (as shown in the image) to receive your question and receive your rewards.

Ten coins worth $10 now may be worth $100 in a years time!
You have nothing to loose, except a few moments of your time.

Download and add the code ‘codehaven’

How much can I earn a day?

As the “hi Dollars” coin fluctuates each hour, this can be dependant on the price at the time you use the app. At the moment the coin is hovering around the £0.81 ($1.09 USD) as this blog is written – November 22nd 2021. The latest upto date price is at the bottom of this blog.

How to get the Hi Dollars App?

1. Download the app from your phones app store and install.
2. Signup and use the code ‘codehaven’
3. Remember everyday to login and click the present button to receive your rewards.

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