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After spending a day reviewing installing and testing all parts of the latest WordPress Drag & Drop Builders, I have come to a conclusion which one provides the best value for money, which one gives you most flexibility, and also which one is the easiest to use. A lot of these builders are just trying to become the next best thing, but fail. Beware of all these reviews as they are probably paid to say these things! some that are very good, I had never heard of, and some of the most seen on the web were just not up to scratch. Just because they are top in google does not mean they perform well. Remember all have promotions so the price you see is the maximum and you probably can gut up to 30-40% off!

A lot of the websites for these WordPress Drag & Drop Builders show fantastic end product websites. Do not be fooled into thinking you will get these, as your clients will have very different ideas and you have to think rationally and not get carried away with all the extra bells and whistles.

Everyone wants different things from wordpress,
some just want a few pages with images and text, other want fullwidth video backgrounds and images that zoom on hover and specialist jquery code written into the page. And if you know anything about wordpress, Jquery does not natively work with code you custom write, and is hard to work out if somethings not quite right.
Minimax, Template toaster, Headway, Ultimatum were tested but dismissed stright away
Unfortunatly Beaver Builder just didnt perform either, so below is whats left of the best.


1. PAGEBUILDER (Siteorigin) (Plugin) – FREE

I started out with this and found it had a good method of design. Its feels very lightweight and loads the fastest of all of the builders. Learning curve is quick and you can produce things row by row, and you can easily adjust column widths. There are few addons you can get that increase the widgets available, but they are free too.


2. LAYERS – £16 (Theme)

For £16 you do get the pro version as the free version is so slim, you cant do much with it! Currently (DEC 2015) because Layers Pro is licensed under GPL you really only need to purchase it once and you can use it as often as you like. You need to download the zip and install as a theme.
This can take some getting used to but it seems to only have a few widgets, this could be a problem…

3. MAKE – £200 (Theme) (Demo)

No videos on Youtube and no real information on all the modules and what they can do. Although the free version is very good, it is very limited.

4. DIVI BUILDER – £167 (Plugin)

This builder comes with lots of themes 40 content blocks, but was unable to test it as there is no demo or test site available. They do give you a refund if you are not happy with it!
It seems all very good, and you can white label your site, and only make available the parts of the menu you want users to have. This is a unique offering and to top that this comes with 87 themes all ready for you to use! This offering seems to have many pros, but as I am unable to test it, can only guess that it does the job. Can anyone else give a review of this?


5. MOTOPRESS – £93 (Plugin)

This plugin is for the more basic user, it does not have as many blocks to add as some others, but does have a nice way of adding the blocks to the page.


This un advertised option does not get much limelight, but it’s actually very good!
A lot of options appear at the bottom, and can be very easy to use, if you know which is which. It lets you create a header and footer to use throughout as a type of theme.
The actual widgets do not seem very easy to understand and defaults are not set, which is a hassle. Sometimes you need to enter into a different section of a wordpress menu to create a products page then this is linked to the widget….which can be confusing….


7. VISUAL COMPOSER – £114 Per site!

The website is very good and shows you many of the features that you can create. I find this the best for an all round option if you need a big toolbox, as you can add raw jquery code, live fullwidth video is easy to add and very adjustable and 40 modules. It is a little slow, but that was using the demo on their servers. You can save any layout as a template for other pages. Custom CSS is easy to use.

See the website for all the demo pages it can produce.



Themify – £93 (Themes inc plugin)

Use the coupon code HAPPYHOLIDAY and save 30% on your Themify purchase over Christmas 2015! (Makes it £65 – Yay… for everything!!!)
This has a lot under the hood, and also more addons you can buy. There seems to be lots of support and videos everywhere, so no problems there. Themify Master Club is the best value for users who run multiple sites. You can use the themes & plugins for your client work. You will need Slider pro addon (included)


Conductor $399 – For All access

I think it could be the best so far.

Optimizer Theme – $199 For unlimited website

Seems good but could not get the header slider to work using the demo, so it lost me….

Need to investigate further……

Qards $199 For 5 websites

Everything you need, in the way it should be done! BUT

Text colours do not work, no google maps, no raw html, and no buttons where you like, so I got a refund!!!


I like Pagebuilder as its free, and is definitely the winner by a mile.

  • Divi as it comes with lots of themes and should do what it says on the tin but untested.
  • And Visual Composer, but you need to pay each site you sell. (Some weird licensing restrictions)
  • The themes that themify have available are nice (Take a look at this theme for example, and the way the menus work!)

The hardest part on all three is the setup of the header and footer. Which it seems 75% of them you need to do manually.

So my choice would be Siteorigins Pagebuilder. It seems to work as you need it to, and would expect with the things you use most easy to change. Especially if your a coder because everthing can be linked to CSS.

10th January 2016

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