Ajax Spinner – Start and Complete Function

Combine with the script below to get all hrefs to load as ajax links into one main frame.

Stop cache on .load of ajax request

Just add the code as it is, before any .load happens and every time .load is executed it will get a new set of data using .load, without cache.

Add a tick to button on result – Ajax

On an ajax call, if your result is “Yes”, then it will swap classes and add a background of a tick in the button. NTE: Not a fully working script.

After ajax post fromm the success part !

Json Ajax – Basic send and receive each item

Recieve (asks for data and interprets data)

Send (Creates Json Array) [{“item1″:”Egg”,”item2″:”Celery”,”item3″:””,”item4″:””,”item5″:””,”item6″:””,”item7″:””,”item8″:””}]

Jquery Starter Script


Post Ajax to same page – Wait for Mysql result

Poll/query a database every 10 seconds – ajax loop

Show live data from your database.. (or nearly!)

and testdata.php can be a mysql query in a php page or a text file if needed. It will have all the php query’s and the answer from each one is added to an array and then echoed out at the end as an array or […]

Basic Ajax send and response

If you don’t send any valid data in the Ajax function it won’t work. If the page you are sending it to does not work by it’s self don’t expect the response to either. Don’t use .submit and try to get a value back – it won’t! Test what you are sending!!!

Multiple – Ajax call to page – on success redirect