Top WordPress Plugins

Essential wordpress plugins 2013

all of the plugins have been compared to at least 8 others if they have competitors, and if not are only recommended if they work. Please See my other page ‘plugins to avoid’.

    1. Category Posts Widget – Adds a widget that can display posts from a single category.

Best Code widget

    1. Executable PHP widget – Essential
    2. Front-end Editor – Handy
    3. SCF Dummy Content – Good for starting out
    4. Simple Page Ordering – You may need this?
    5. Run external crons – Yet to test

Best Live Search (is there more)

    1. Dave’s WordPress Live Search Options – It works…I’m using it now..!
    2. WTI Like Post, great thumbs up icons, just like facebook…!
    3. Search Meter, see what people are searching for using your search box

Best SEO

    1. Yoast WordPress, SEO page by page and includes xml sitemap updated everytime you make a post!

Best Backup Plugin

    1. Online Backup for WordPress, Cant do without…essential…

Best Visitor Tracking

  1. Google Analytics for WordPress, see your most visited category and from where?

2 thoughts on “Top WordPress Plugins”

  1. I have been using SEO plugin by yoast it’s really awesome. It is very flexible, I love using SEO by yoast.
    Thanks for sharing with us your wonderful article regarding this SEO plugins.
    But can I use multiple SEO plugins? Will there be any bad effect in my SEO?

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