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Helium Rewards - Wow how they have gone down!!!

10 Hotspots over 6 months

Whichever way you look at it, rewards are down. Even though the coin has increased, the financial payout is not the same. Seven people in every hex, and was all worried about being 300 meters away from other boxes. Some just didn’t care and have totally saturated the areas. Take a look at how things have changed. We really need that coin to rise to £25.00, I am hoping for an early Christmas present.

Please take into account that on August 1st 2021 ‘The Halvening‘ happened which completely cut in half all of the Helium earnings. (50% less).
Update November 2021: – HNT has started decreasing rapidy. Crypto is not in a good place.
Update 10th August 2022: – Due to the war in Ukraineand basically the whole world going wrong, HNT is at £7.50 and has been since the beginning of the year.