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Best Helium Antenna Cable?

RG58 vs LMR-400 HELIUM Cable

I played around with a few figures.
These are the loss results using a 3M run and RG-58 cable.
cable loss helium rg58
Compare those results alongside these for the LMR-400 cable.
It’s not totally accurate, but it gives a good idea of the loss of signal.
As you can see it greatly improves the signal to the Helium Miner. RG-58 had a loss of 1.314 vs a loss of only 0.375 using LMR-400. That’s nearly 4x less, which is good. There are many other factors of course, but for a no fuss measurement this will do.
cable loss helium antenna

Best Helium Antenna Cable - LMR-400?

Comparing results alongside each other the loss is higher on the RG-58 and so less signal will get through. You will pay more for a better quality cable, but there’s a price for everything! The results are not totally correct, but it gives a good idea.
As you can see, the LMR-400 cable greatly improves the signal to the Helium Miner. So what should I buy?
Buy the one you can afford and think is best in your case. I need a 3m run, not far, but I don’t want to show false economy.
But in this case for that small extra increase the LMR-400 is getting you a good deal just by the extra signal it may receive.
3 Meters, SMA MALE to RP-SMA MALE: –

RG58 £9.15

This is £33.43 +vat

So is it worth paying that much?, well £10 is delivery!!! Think of the long term gain?
Although waiting for the test of actually using it, so far so good.
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