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Add DDNS to Technicolor Router & Setting up FreeDNS

The Problem

My webcams through Tinycam keep stopping as my IP keeps changing as my Internet server no longer gives me a Static IP address so I need to add a DDNS so I can pretend I have a static IP Adress. This is how I did it. I hope it helps someone with the same setup.

I had a static IP address, but SSE Broadband recently got taken over by Vodafone, and does not come with a static IP address, which is not good. Very unhappy 🙁
Question: Is it free?….
Answer: Yes

Question: Is it difficult
Answer: A little – Just silly settings to watch for!
webcam wireless

Hows it work?

Only your router can detect where it actually is in the world, it reads that IP address that it has, and saves it to a remote website (FreeDNS).

Lots of other computers want to know that number like phone numbers. Imagine that everytime you went to sleep you got a new phone number! (Crazy right!)

So instead of having a number it gets a name that will always stay the same, (In the background it still has a number IP address).

My Router: TG589vac v2

wireless router 589

How to add DDNS?

First visit FreeDNS ( to sign up.
Yes is an awful looking website, but bear with it.
Choose Dynamic DNS
Once you have created a redirection link, you can now manually set the IP address in my freedns account to be redirected anywhere using a url.
You will be able to call your own IP Address by writing in the url your new name for it. was mine.

freedns setup

So now what?

I just need the settings to add to my router so it gets updated.
I need the correct DDNS login details for router settings where are they??
Impossible to find on FreeDNS it all needs to be updated the site looks so old. (A few hours of CSS will do the Job!)
I just need the settings to add to my router so it gets updated.
Where are they?
wan router setup
IMPORTANT: Found something out by testing for 30 mins… with many different random guesses, it was not updating!
Found it… I had the enabled button on as above. It needed to be disabled. I searched everywhere for that information, and it’s nowhere.
Match the settings above.
Impossible to find on FreeDNS it all needs to be updated the site looks so old. (A few hours of CSS will do the Job!)
Add your details to the router, and then have a look att the website.

But lets get the router updating…
You can ping the address to see the actual location ping to test it via command prompt.
If you have done it, it should update automatically from the router, it will send what it was given by SSE broadband company.
Ok now I can set that manually – I could start to make my android app (Tinycam) look at that camera through RTSP

What are the settings????

Yay – Real test – Manually set the ip to nothing using &address127.0.0.10 on the end of the url, which sets a different mode (you may need to look this bit up) Then check every 5 minutes to see if it has changed by refeshing the panel in freedns website. This update would have been done by the router, when it changes.
I sucessfully got the router updating info (stopped errors from showing – getting the settings correct at last!!!)
I found out that by turning windscribe, my VPN ( ON and OFF I would have a different IP address, and there for fooling the browser into thinking my ip address when taken, was in different, and this would be written to the FreeDNS website.
It would show if it had been saved and remain unchanged if not.

Configure my wireless cameras

In Firefox type in url > to the browser and it will redirect using an A record (direct link)

This would now show my login page, but my url still shows the address I typed but with a different webpage.

So in essence I could host Codehaven under another URL Location.

One would be the real wwebsite (Codehaven), and the other would just be on a big list (thats hosted on freedns) that telling them where to go.

This list gets updated by your Router every 30 minutes or so. It saves on to the websites database the number. (the ip address is saved!) My camera address never changes now. Job done.
tinycam mobile screenshot
picture of tinycam settings to configue ddns address

if you get this address> (or something like
then redirect to here > (or The saved IP Address

You can instantly update by using this url directly in your browser.
It just takes your IP adress with an authenticated url given to you inside the website dashboard. Note: Get this url from the FreeDNS website.

My router is sending a number of the computer that its on to freedns to that address & username and password are checked
Then this is saved as on Freedns

My Router Camera Settings look like this...

wan router setup
My router settings that show how they are configured.

I now can just use in my security cameras rstp address this: –
I do not care if my ip changes as it will be auto updated, and thats whats being read.

I do not care if my ip changes, the IP Address will be auto updated, and that's what's being readby the cameras.