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Increase website loading speed – Top tips

24th March 2015


codehaven code snippet review

How to increase your site’s loading speed…

I have been testing codehaven’s site speed using, probably the best place in my opinion.
Below are some of my top tips I have found work for me….

1. Use Cloudflare

, its free and caches everything, even when you don’t want it to. (Yes we all forget to turn it off, when we change some CSS and don’t see it change!)

2. Image Size

Display all your images the correct size at 100%, don’t correct size using CSS.

3. Prevent Querystrings

Use this code if you are using WordPress, it prevents using querystrings that can’t be cached (?version4.2.2 at the end of all links.)
Open functions.php folder of your theme and put the code below in the file save it, then clear cache or purge from Cloudflare.

Result’s So far

So now I am getting nearer to 100%

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