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  • Convert your DVD’s to MP4 ready for Cloud

    14th March 2014

    Random Coding

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    Want to upload your DVD’s into the Cloud?

    If you have reached here you probably have some DVD’s that have been in the cupboard for a while and wuold like to watch a quick snippet of an old holiday you remember or memory…. but can’t be bothered to find a computer that actually has a DVD drive, or even eject the drive, and would just rather click on a hyperlink to watch…then I have the answer for you.


    After trying many Windows Freeware* Utilities that say they can make your DVD into a file, you have to look for the important qualities. It’s what 90% of other people also seach for when deciding what to to use.
    Sometimes 4-5 of these qualities can be enough, but I like to find the right one and still try to find that perfect companion, that piece of helpful software, it makes life all that easier to do things faster and easier, than before….progress….
    Anyway I digress.
    I was up and running in less than 2 minutes with FreeMake…and this is totally my opinion, its not an advert….it just works…like a spoon!

    Two Parts to download.
    The first part will convert the dvd to a file and then you give the file to the second program, and it will chop it up into bits, that you then can upload to your cloud provider, and watch easier. Done.

    It has:
    A) Good quality / Design
    B) Not got adverts on
    C) Easy to use
    D) Quick
    F) Free

    And now splitting it…
    2. Idoo Advanced Video Cutter

    This is the easiest software to split files without fuss, minimal effort MP4 Splitter.

    And now I have to cut it up into smaller sections so it does’nt take ages to view that part I want… 100mb chunks should do, measured in size not time. This task is also made easy again it has the same criteria.

    I then uploaded them all to a folder in DropBox…
    And now can view them just be browsing my dropbox, and clicking the link… easy…but I wonder if I could automate it with a plugin? (Joke)

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