Top Firefox Addons

I find the best tools and setup for me using a PC is what is listed below. This is my setup… What’s yours?
Reply below…lets discuss.
I will turn this into a forum when I get more responses…

Firefox Addon’s
  1. MeasureIt Check Css Positioning accurately, pixel by pixel. (Now included in Firefox 48)
  2. Adblock Ultimate
  3. Autofill Forms(Get rid of filling in forms)
  4. Advanced URL Builder (Quick access to other websites from what you have highlighted as a search term)
  5. FireFTP (Easy to use FTP client)
  6. Paste Email Plus, (Adds your email at a click of a button)
  7. Lastpass (automatically sign in)
  8. Xmarks (bookmarks backup)
  9. Yahoo mail watcher
  10. Search Preview (Shows previews of the website before clicking)
  11. Cachetoggle 0.6 (no cache switch)(Now included in Firefox 48)
  12. Pop Video (watch youtube videos in a popout window)
  13. Simple Timer – (Get reminders for events)
  14. Fasterfox (speed up web pages)
  15. s3menu-wizard (Menu editor) (get rid of those annoying right mouse button menu items)
  16. Make Address Bar Font Size Bigger
  17. Private Tab
  18. Pushbullet
  19. Tab close button restored
  20. Classic Theme restorer
  21. The Addon Bar – Helps you fit all yourextensions at bottom


  1. Screen Capture (print full websites as they appear online)
  2. Form filler, (adds dummy content)

Remember the following software: –

Sublime text 3
Foxit Reader (PDF Reader)
Clipjump (advanced copy and paste)

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