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Helium Staking

Where can I stake my HNT?

My review of

So now you’ve mind a few HNT, and you’ve got it sitting in your Helium wallet in the App.
What next?
You could just leave it there, or you could invest it!
This is a great way to earn passive income. Earn while you sleep.

You place your hard earned HNT into a type of online bank where you can earn interest, this would be called staking.
This can be done with many types of coin.

Coins that are always the same price as the current USD or GBP are called STABLECOINS. There price trys to match the current dollar or pound.
USDT, USDC and TGBP are all stablecoins.

A guide to the best places to invest with stable coins is here.

And even a whole list of stablecoins.

Simply send your HNT to a wallet address of the Staking wallet provider which when you sign up you will be given. Once you deposit the HNT you want to stake with, you will start to earn interest. Stable coins can give you up to 12.3%apy straight away with and lots of others that are all around 10%apy.

APY stands for ‘Annual Percentage Yield’. APY is the Yearly interest earned on your deposit. Compare this with your high street bank that gives up to 0.5% interest!

If someone asked you I can give you 27 times the amount you currently get – you would probably take them up on their offer. I find that I got about £10.00 per month, for every £1000.00 of USDT invested for others to take loans on at a higher rate of borrowing. They take their cut, and gives you a slice of the money, and thanks you for putting up the original money to lend out!

There is a difference between Staking and Investing.

Staking is a type of investment.

There are many different websites for staking but you have to be very careful who you stake with. Some websites are set up overnight and can be scams. The best way is to find somewhere that’s being used by many users, reviews, and well rated. You must have good contact, phone, email, contact address, and be in touch with a person usually through something like discord. Check all financial websites out for a long time, till you are happy that it’s not a scam, then invest a small amount, and when you feel happy, you can add the rest later. as with all crypto usage, check everything 3 times, when sending any money and NEVER do this after a few drinks. It doesn’t end well. Website

Being among of the first users of I did notice there was a few bugs to iron out, but nothing that couldn’t be solved in a day or two. Talking with a developer of the site gave me confidence, and knew I could report any bugs, errors, even spelling mistakes that were on the site. They were corrected almost instantaneously.


Main Dashboard of

We all love a good dashboard and does not fall short in this area. The buttons are responsive and the website is clear with large easy to read text. Easy navigation, and clear instructions.


Good information and clear layout. Nicely spaced and great for OCD aware users. Each pixel counts. this dashboard looks good on many devices. It’s responsive and easy to navigate. You may need to fully refresh your browser on occasion to clear the cache.

Pool Validators

Good detail about the validators.


Good detail again, this time about your rewards. How much you have earned. 2.71HNT over a month and half investing about £4500 average over that time. A break down here in HNT would be good in £GBP and $USD.


You can choose to Auto stake the rewards back into the staking amount. This prevents the rewards money sitting idle in a pot without earning anything. It’s reinvested to earn again.
I like many aspects of this helium staking site, and although I haven’t got much to compare it with, it seems to do what I need it to do, and with its ease of use thinks it’s a good choice for anyone wanting to stake any unwanted HNT.