How to auto start VPN on Android in Background on Boot

This idea can be used for a tablet that needs to be protected by VPN but when a user forgets to start the VPN app that enables it, problems can occur. There are many difficult to setup task based apps that don’t really do it for me, but I stumbled upon just the answer for […]

Npower stops Alexa from controlling Nest

Don’t Sign up to an energy saving program if you have an Amazons Echo dot. Once you sign up you will be unable to use voice control on your Nest. When I tried to use the voice control Alexa said “Cannot change mode during energy-saving events”. In Nests API pages online it says you will […]

Best WordPress Drag & Drop Builder 2016

After spending a day reviewing installing and testing all parts of the latest WordPress Drag & Drop Builders, I have come to a conclusion which one provides the best value for money, which one gives you most flexibility, and also which one is the easiest to use. A lot of these builders are just trying […]

Increase website loading speed – Top tips

How to increase your site’s loading speed… I have been testing codehaven’s site speed using, probably the best place in my opinion. Below are some of my top tips I have found work for me…. 1. Use Cloudflare , its free and caches everything, even when you don’t want it to. (Yes we all […]

Bluetooth Finders – Part 4

Beewi Smart Tracker (BEST SO FAR) Winner so far for me, simple, but limited sellers in UK. It just does the job… but need to try one, email me one to test! And £39.99 on ebay!, although have seen it for £16.66! Specifications – Direct control in Bluetooth Smart 4.0, up to 50m – Can […]

Best Buy Bluetooth Speakers June 2014

Bluetooth Speakers If you want to hold a house party with one you will be out of luck, but bedroom, pool, and of course the bathroom is ideal. Other uses could be a handsfree calls in the car (on some(usually Bluetooth 4) you can answer incoming calls, it asks you if you wish to answer […]

Bluetooth Finders – Part 3

FINDEM A card type with 150ft and a buzzer XYfindit Out in June 2014, has google maps and cloud find. Lupo Ships Jun 2014 It lets you do more than most locators, it flashes and has audible alarm. Not really small so cant really go on a pets tag. It seems to be more of […]

Bluetooth Finders – Part 2

The next round brings us even more…. Bringrr So far this is by far the best….. It has everything, small, Google maps locate, cloud locate and lots more, ships in July for 4 tags and a car plug its $99. Wise Button Another take on the design, is it likeable?, its too weird. StickR-TrackR Nice […]