Bluetooth Finders – Part 4

Beewi Smart Tracker (BEST SO FAR)

Winner so far for me, simple, but limited sellers in UK.
It just does the job… but need to try one, email me one to test!
And £39.99 on ebay!, although have seen it for £16.66!

– Direct control in Bluetooth Smart 4.0, up to 50m
– Can be connected to Internet through the Smart Mobile Gateway (sold separately)
– Power supply : 1 CR2032 battery (supplied)
– Battery life : 1 year
– Don’t forget your keys : alarm rings if you leave without them.
– Be safe with your luggage : your phone will ring when it gets separated.
– Find your keys : launch the alarm from the app.
– Works with the app «BeeWi SmartPad»
– Compatible with iPhone 4s and above, Android 4.3, Windows Mobile 8.1 (with Bluetooth 4.0)


This looks good, but is it enough to keep the others away. Definitely the cheapest so far. £9 on ebay!


The best choice for a pet tracker, and its rechargeable!

Flic – The Bluetooth button

This has a slightly different twist on what it does, but if any of the previous gadgets have interested you this surely will also. Take a look….

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Part 4 – (This Page) Beewi – Nut2 – Tintag – Flic

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