Bluetooth Finders – Part 3


A card type with 150ft and a buzzer

Out in June 2014, has google maps and cloud find.


Ships Jun 2014
It lets you do more than most locators, it flashes and has audible alarm. Not really small so cant really go on a pets tag. It seems to be more of a an all round bluetooth gadget, and not a locator. There seems to be a lack of focus surrounding what it does best. Can send commands to the phone when pressed, like take a photo. I have an idea that you could probably make your car fully voice activated, even if you don’t have bluetooth in your car. Just connect a Lupo to your phone and place on the dashboard, when pressed starts voice activation (google now), and as your phone is connected via an aux cable, will play your songs to the car speakers, and mute the radio when you say “call Mike”…and dial the person and connects you, then speak as normal, as long as the phone is near enough so you can be heard. WOW…You could say read me the news, or send text to..or navigate to…

Not really in the same league as these lot as very bulky…

Total Pom (Available March 2015!)
Very nicely designed…..easy and shows distance as a number, i.e. 50FT away from tag

Doesnt have some essential features like sound, like it might be on someone walking! and light, to find in the dark of course!

Has the ability to lock your computer as well!

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  1. GateKeeper GKChain is a versatile Bluetooth tracker that also locks and unlocks computers. Big recommend for this list.

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