Bluetooth Finders – Part 2

The Tile, accompanied by an iPhone app, locates items that are attached to it. It’s about as small as a matchbook or a stamp.

The next round brings us even more….


So far this is by far the best…..
It has everything, small, Google maps locate, cloud locate and lots more, ships in July for 4 tags and a car plug its $99.

Wise Button
Another take on the design, is it likeable?, its too weird.

Nice Simple and does the job…..This one could do well……It would come a close 2nd. You can see this is about locating stuff no gimmicks. Gps location sharing and small. Nice alarm.
Diameter: 25mm Thickness: 5mm
Battery Type: CR2016 Coin Cell Battery
Device Compatibility: IOS and Android

More of a hackers device, you can program it!
Range: 100 Meters (300 feet)

49 meters, waterproof, 6 month battery, small, loud buzzer.

Now take a look at the third round up, and you get to vote again! Bluetooth Finders Part 3

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